Each member of us is committed to:

  • Challenge our students to think critically.
  • Encourage the creativity of our students.
  • Encourage students to be involved in their community.
  • Encourage students to learn teamwork and leadership skills.
  • Encourage the physical and emotional wellbeing of each individual.
  • Provide opportunities for students to discover their individual talents, interests and passions.
  • Provide opportunities to connect learning to real life.
  • Guide students to cope with failure as well as success.
  • Support personal and social development.
  • Inspire students to rise to challenges.
  • Appreciate all students as unique individuals.

We pride ourselves on creating an environment where students love coming to school and are challenged to achieve their personal and academic potential.

6 October City , Giza
(210) 123-451
( 7 am - 3 pm)